Our mission

Evidenced by the cranes that swallow up our skylines, our lifestyles are constantly impacted by the density of our urban environment. Space is at an all-time premium, as is the cost of living. At the current rate of growth, what will our cities look like in 5, 10, or 30 years?

We want to reduce the barriers of time, space, and money to connect people with their hobbies.  We believe that doing is more fun than owning, and working on your vehicle is an amazing way to connect with others and celebrate your machine.  We hope to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about DIY.

By connecting garages wanting to utilize their vacant space with motor enthusiasts eager for shop access, we can leverage existing assets and promote a responsible consumption of resources to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts and DIYers.

Join the garage sharing movement! Buy parts, not labor.


Our story

It started on the roof of a parking garage.  As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, founder and CEO Andrew Koretz used to change his oil on the roof of a grocery store because he lacked vehicle workspace.  From the roof, he could look out into the neighborhood and see dozens of surrounding home garages sitting empty.
The most frustrating part of the experience was there was no way to pair unused garage workspace with the enthusiasts that wanted it and were willing to pay for it. And so the idea for GarageTime was born. Andrew built and launched the website in January 2018 as a peer-to-peer garage rental service connecting motor enthusiasts with space to work on their cars and motorcycle.

GarageTime in the news

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We’d love to hear from you

Questions, partnerships, media inquiries, interview requests, or just want to say hello and share photos of your custom ride? Drop us a line at:  team@bookgaragetime.com