Being a successful GarageTime host starts with creating an awesome experience for guests. From high-quality photos to a clean workspace, attention to detail helps leave a lasting impression. Garages that create a great guest experience see the results pay off in heavy bookings and repeat guests who leave amazing reviews.

Here are seven tips for you to increase interest in your garage and generate successful bookings.

Be responsive
Gain the trust of potential guests by responding quickly to questions about your workspace or a booking request. Typically a short note goes a long way and same day replies help build confidence and trust.  Many guests are looking for a quick solution to their DIY needs and speaking with multiple garages, so being the first to reply helps you generate more bookings.  Make sure to check your notifications to ensure you receive important email notifications.

Optimize your space
Small improvements to your space can have a huge impact on your ability to attract users. For example, if you want to attract Italian motorcycle enthusiasts, consider listing or investing in specialty tools to make the job easier. This will make your listing more attractive to guests and help you build a loyal local following.

Great photographs
Your listing’s photos are the primary driver of guest interest. Next to your listing description, guests use photos to determine if the garage meets their needs. Be sure to take high-quality photos that honestly reflect your space and show its best features.  Don’t forget to clean a bit and make use of natural light.

Create a welcome kit
Let your guests know about your space before they show up. Be sure to include your garage rules and any waivers or insurance requirements.  Other common things to include are wi-fi password, use of specialty tools and lifts, info about restrooms, and procedures for vehicles left overnight.  Make sure that guests can reference this while they are in your space.

Be timely
Please don’t make your guests wait past their booking time to have access to the garage. Make sure to show up early to bookings and that the space is ready. If anything changes, please clearly convey any changes with your guest. Being punctual for the booking is an important element of how guests evaluate their garage time and can impact receiving a positive review.

Clean up
Yeah, garages can get messy, but be sure to clean up your space before your guest arrives.

Positive reviews
Having sweet user reviews will impact the number of future inquiries and bookings you receive. We also encourage our hosts leave a thoughtful review for guests following a successful booking.