The Do-It-Yourself community is constantly growing and there are more resources and reasons than ever to get involved.  YouTube videos cover how-to repairs, auto parts stores rent specialty tools, and GarageTime helps locate space to perform work.  Many prospective DIYers are asking themselves if they should take the plunge and try a self oil-change or filter replacement, and there is a large financial incentive for those that pick up a wrench and give it a shot.

The average home oil change runs about $35 for the oil and a quality filter vs. $80 for a full synthetic change at the local mechanic.  Just by changing your own oil just twice a year could mean an extra $90 in your pocket and a smile on your face.

According to an Autoparts Warehouse survey, 85% of users saved more than $500 by doing their own repairs, and 33% of users saved over $1000 per year by doing it themselves vs. having a professional mechanic do the work.  Not surprisingly, 79% of survey participants claimed they did their own repairs to save money.

Strangely enough, only 39% of those surveyed said they took on a DIY task because they had the expertise, meaning a staggering number of rookie mechanics are taking on repairs and it’s hard not to wonder how much higher that number would be if they had a convenient space to do so.  Not only is the number of DIYers growing, but the group is more diverse than ever with 55% of female DIYers doing more work than the previous year.

What would you do with an additional $500 or $1000 in your pocket?  Let us know in the comments below and keep your eye out for our instructional routine maintenance videos, intended to help first-time DIYers.  And don’t forget that you can easily turn your garage space into an additional revenue stream by listing it on GarageTime and help grow the DIY motor community.

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