We sat down to chat with Parker, a Garagetime host in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the founder of Moonshot Camper Vans to check out his space, hear about current DIY projects and understand what’s happening in the outdoor camper industry.


1/ Can you give a quick overview of Moonshot Camper vans?
Moonshot Camper Vans builds well designed expedition class camper vans to connect people to nature and each other. We are all about building the culture of time outside and appreciating how good design can remove the friction points to doing so. (our press package link on the website has more info as well)

2/ Why are you using the Mitsubishi Delica L300 as a base?
We use the Mitsubishi Delica because of its 4 wheel drive, turbo diesel, maneuverability, and vintage cool factor (space tractor). It is appealing to our customers as an escape pod or a daily driver. It also hits the middle of the market between Vanlife and Expedition Overland.

3/ How are you building the campervan community in Philadelphia?
We will be starting a Meetup group and offering gatherings at our facility. We are also collaborating with some local outfitters and adventure companies to get people exposed to our vans and community.

4/ Why did you list on Garagetime?
We have a facility and saw that many people needed space to do little things. We also felt that this would be a good opportunity to help the people building their vans with some space and expertise. There isn’t much space in Philadelphia to do auto work and the city is strict about working on your car on the street. We love the idea of people collaborating on projects and Garage Time seems to be a good intersection point. (I won’t use the Air BnB analogy)

5/ What will DIYers find in your shop? Tools? People? Knowledge?
DIYers will find a full spread of hand tools, air tools, some metal working equipment, and expertise in vehicle repair and modification.

6/ Do you have a favorite garage story to share?I think my favorite garage story so far is when I lifted a 1963 Metro bus body off its frame and lowered it onto a modern frame and saw that it fit. I did this all by myself. My other one was when I had several friends helping and seeing how much got done in such a short time.

7/ When and where can people see and buy your vans?
People can go to our website and pre-order our vans at a discount. They will be able to see our vans this summer in various national parks or they may be able to lease them…just getting started so its timing is a little soft right now.


To rent Parker’s garage and hang out with the Philadelphia camper community, head on over to the Moonshot Camper Van listing.

To get more information on his conversions, or pre-order vehicles, please visit their site.