Helping GarageTime hosts get interest in their space.

For GarageTime hosts, it can be incredibly rewarding to share your space with wrenchers while generating additional revenue. While it can be challenging to know how to present your space to effectively highlight its features, there are best practices to help you generate qualified interest in your space.

Here are our top tips for garages looking to make their listing stand out.

Be unique
When you are creating your listing, make sure and describe the nuances of your space. Consider why it’s distinct and be sure to share the small details that describe how special it is. You may take some aspects of your space for granted, so try to describe it with fresh eyes. Do you have an abundance of natural light? An amazing air wrench? Vintage VW collections and tools? Wrenchers are constantly seeking specialized garages and by highlighting your features you can help them find them.

Think like a guest
Wrenchers want to know how your space will suit their needs. Many of them come from an apartment without any workspace, or don’t have tools needed to complete a job, so they are less likely to book garages with incomplete listing descriptions. Be thorough and explain how your garage can be set up for different use types to help wrenchers envision how they can use the space. Describe tools and amenities provided, possible storage, facility capabilities, and any additional help if offered. These are just some of the key features a wrencher will be looking for.

Show your garage in action
While accurately describing your garage is important, actually showing it in action with quality photography is the best way to attract potential wrenchers. When wrenchers are on the GarageTime platform, your feature image is the first thing they see, so make sure it is impressive and tells the story about your space. Also, include photos of your space in use. We recommend having more than ten photos per listing, with a mix of shots of the “raw” space and the space being used. This allows wrenchers to visualize how their repairs will fit in the garage and better understand if it can suit their needs.

Still got questions about optimizing your listings? We’re here to help you out.