If you’re anything like us, you love vehicles and have for some time.  Motorcycle posters and scale model cars filled your room as a kid, and you could name the make and model of everything on the road.  Today that love burns bright as ever, but new barriers keep you from living a motor-loving lifestyle.

As we flock to dense urban areas, space has become a precious commodity.  You may not have room to park in a garage, let alone buy and store the specialty tools to maintain or modify your vehicle.  That lack of workspace also makes it very difficult to experience the joy of hands-on learning, something that gets pushed aside the older we get.  DIY garages solve these issues.

What is DIY vehicle workspace?

Quite simply, it’s a space you can rent by the hour to work on your vehicle.  It may be found at a professional garage, community garage, or even somebody’s home.

Where can I find some of that DIY vehicle workspace stuff?

50 years ago DIY garages were more common, but slowly died off.  There has been a recent movement towards having fewer, better things and an increased interest in vintage culture.  This movement has led to the resurgence of community garages and DIY shops, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to turn a wrench and practice vehicle maintenance.

Bookgaragetime.com has stepped in to provide the easiest way to find, book, and pay for vehicle workspace in your area.

Is it expensive to start working on my vehicle?

One of the benefits of using a DIY garage is the cost savings.  DIY garages invest in the space and tools, allowing you to rent it by the hour for as long as your project takes.  You will save a significant amount of money by performing your own oil changes, brake pad replacements, and tune-ups.  With all your savings, you can buy more parts!  Or a Scrooge McDuck-style swimming pool of cash.

What if I don’t have mechanic experience?

That’s not a problem – DIY garages are wonderful classrooms!  The people who run them and occupy them are enthusiasts and are very supportive of others.  Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced engine builder, there is always somebody to ask if you have questions about a repair or run into an issue along the way.  You may be surprised when you raise your hand how many people will throw down their wrench to help you out.

What will I find at a DIY garage?

A wonderful community of enthusiasts, with a wide range of experience, backgrounds and vehicles.  Aside from having the tools and assistance needed to work on your vehicle, you’ll be immersed in local car and motorcycle culture.  It’s a great way to make new friends, learn about group rides, and attend local events.

What if I have space to share?

Well look at you and your fancy extra space!  Garages are an underutilized asset with the majority of garage bays laying vacant for extended periods of time.  Get paid to share your space by listing it for other vehicle enthusiasts to use.  You’ll earn extra cash, provide a valuable service for vehicle enthusiasts, and help build the DIY community.



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