Who are you? An experienced hands-on auto owner? An aspiring do-it-yourselfer? A first-time auto owner without space to learn basic auto maintenance? Maybe a homeowner with some underutilized garage space? Or even a professional shop in need of filling bay time. Regardless of your answer, think of Garage Time as a bridge.

Garage time was created with the goal of growing the automotive community. It helps vehicle owners discover workspace to perform routine maintenance and modifications while helping garage owners get paid for sharing their underutilized workspace. Garage Time connects garages with users to create a mutually beneficial relationship through a simple, secure, online platform.  All listing information, bookings, and payments are handled through the website to make transactions easy.

If you’re a vehicle owner seeking space, finding it is as simple as navigating the listings page, booking a space that works for you, and paying.  Then you’re all set to do your DIY repair, maintenance, etc.

If you have underutilized garage space that you’d like to make some money with, just hop on the website, and list the space adding details like garage size, layout and what tools are available to help garage seekers book your garage.  You even get to set your price and when the garage is available.  Garage Time charges a small commission if your space is booked, but there is no fee to list your garage and your listing stays active for as long as you’d like. Maybe you have a love for Harleys, or a vintage Volvo collection that you’re excited about?  Share unique stories to help attract enthusiasts to your space!

Benefitting From Garage Time as an Auto Owner

Whether you’re an experienced DIY mechanic or a first-time auto owner with no workspace but you know you’d like to perform your own maintenance to know the ins and outs of your vehicle, Garage Time is the perfect outlet for anyone in between lacking the space to achieve their DIY goals. Even if you lack certain tools to complete your repair or maintenance, spaces listed to rent on Garage Time conveniently show what tools are available at the space so you can pick the one that has everything you need to get the job done.  Some owners are more than happy to lend a hand or show you a trick if you ask them.

And as Someone Looking to Profit off of some Additional Workspace?

It’s never been easier to reach users looking to utilize your space by the hour, day, or even longer. Gone are the days of Craigslist ads, sketchy payment exchanges, and advertising through a window with no one on the other side. At Garage Time, everyone browsing the platform is an auto enthusiast looking for exactly what you’ve got. We use a rating and comment system after transactions to promote transparency and trust.All Payments and scheduling are handled through the site so there’s no confusion upon the consumer’s arrival. They get in, get the work done, and get out. And with the user base growing every day, what may have either been vacant space yesterday is an income stream tomorrow.


List your garage or find workspace today!

Video: How Garage Time Works

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