There are multiple sections for you to edit to get the best out of your account.  Remember, the garages we work with are very selective and want to know who will be in their space.

  1. Click the List your garage icon at top of your GarageTime homepage.
  2. Select the city/region your garage is located in.  If your region does not appear, select Other.
  3. Select the listing type: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual.  (Hourly and Daily listings offer schedule management functionality)
  4. Be thorough as possible in your profile. Please provide a compelling description, equipment, and specialty tools you may have. We want to help market your garage to our enthusiast community as best as possible. Also, please add professional quality pictures!
  5. Identify your schedule on your listing so that users can select dates and pay you as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that you can create multiple listings for your garage.
  6. Share! Our goal is to connect vehicle enthusiasts with garages so help us spread the word and build our community! When you post on social media while using a garage, use #bookgaragetime and we will reshare and offer occasional discounts to those that help spread the word.
  7. Click Save Listing.

Create a Listing

It is free to list your garage, but we do charge a 10% fee when a listing is booked. If you have any questions regarding pricing, getting started, or need help at any time please reach out to us at