Updated August 7, 2019

Garagetime is a tool for garages and motor enthusiasts to connect, helping promote the motor community. We’re built on trust, transparency, best interest of our community, and thus we do have Community Guidelines that we’ve created and actively enforce. We take violations of these Community Guidelines seriously and may suspend or terminate an Account for ongoing or serious violations. Fraudulent or illegal activity may also be subject to legal action taken. We reserve the right to edit or remove content on our site that violates these Community Guidelines or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of the Garagetime marketplace or it’s users.

These Community Guidelines are part of and use words and phrases that are identified in our Terms of Service (Services Agreement). If you have any questions about these Community Guidelines or if you believe that a user has violated these Community Guidelines, please email us immediately at team@bookgaragetime.com.

Garages must:

1. Comply with local laws, local zoning ordinances, and tax laws at all times.

Garagetime is not liable for ensuring compliance and it is the responsibility of garages and each listing owner to ensure all local laws, zoning ordinance, and also tax compliance are met. You must also legally report income generated from Garagetime to your business and it is your responsibility to do so. If you are responsible for charging local taxes on services, you must also comply with these regulations.

2. Accurate representation of the garages, pricing, and services of each garages.

Most users and those looking to book your space have not seen the garage in person, so be honest and clearly represent the garage and the services that you are offering. Do not misrepresent pricing or dishonestly make claims by any means. We will take proactive action if it is reported or discovered that you are misrepresenting your garage or the services that you offer.

3. Only list and offer a garage that you are permissioned to offer.

Only list the garage that you are permissioned to offer and have the authority to do so for. If you are subletting a space and are not permitted to then further offer it, do not offer it on Garagetime without consent by the owner to do so. If it is discovered that you are offering a garage on Garagetime that you do not have permission to offer, the listing will be immediately removed and your account is subject to be removed from our site.

DIY Users must:

1. Comply with all garage rules, policies, and booking agreement.

All DIY Users and those that have booked a garage through Garagetime must only use the garage as described by the garage listing owner, and as agreed upon in the booking agreement. Garages take pride in their space, the equipment, and their profession and will be expecting the same professional respect and courtesy that they are providing.

2. Never engage in illegal or prohibited activity on garage premises.

All local laws are enforceable and garage owners can notify authorities if laws are being broken on their property or on their garage premises. Never engage in any illegal activity on garage property or premises.

Everyone must:

1. Communicate honestly with others.

Garagetime is a trusted marketplace and depends on the honesty, integrity, and best interest of everyone that uses the platform. Only message others with the best intent in mind, do not make false claims, misrepresentations, do not engage in fraudulent activity, and do not willingly be deceitful.

2. Transact honestly and with the intended use of Garagetime.

Garagetime is intended to be a marketplace for motor enthusiasts to book workspace and garages to offer their garages. Any transactions that are not intended for this purpose, are misrepresented, have fraudulent intent, or otherwise deemed harmful to either user will be immediately reviewed and if fraudulent, legal action will be taken by Garagetime if deemed necessary. Do not conduct transactions outside of the platform. All users and transactions are also applicable to the Terms of Service that is agreed upon by using the platform.

3. Respect others privacy and information.

It is professional and common courtesy to respect the privacy of the garages, others on the premise, and the information of both the garages and professionals that may be offering garage services. If there is ever an issue with privacy, garage security, or garage rules, please send us an email immediately at team@bookgaragetime.com.