Garagetime is designed to provide the best possible experience for Garages and Users alike. Here’s how they work:
  1. Garages list their workspace on Garagetime from all over the country, and we help to create descriptive, engaging listings for DIY enthusiasts to discover exclusively on our site.
  2. We work with Garages to help them craft an honest and informative listing for their workspace using the Garage’s facts and photos.
  3. Listings are live indefinitely with features like community comments and in-platform messaging (these help people books with confidence), payment charge holds (to help ensure payment of garage) and transaction feedback (to give everyone a chance at building a transparent and trustworthy community).

The listing process is fast and affordable: Garages pay nothing to list their space, and then only 10% of the income they earn from any future bookings through the site.

We’ve compiled a list of common frequently asked questions below. Take a look, and if your question is still not answered, drop us an email to or chat with us from the chat icon in the bottom right.