Roof rack refinish DIY. Learn how to refinish your car’s roof rack at home using common hand tools. I was able to easily clean and repaint this roof rack in a couple of hours for only $25. Repairing a chipped and dirty roof rack on many cars is not difficult and this is a perfect example of an easy to repair roof rack. You could do this entire job without any special tools and I spent under $30 in parts. This not only makes the roof rack look much better, but also protects it from rusting in seizing up.

Products: Simple Green Cleaner, Copper Anti-Seize, Mineral Spirits, 120 Grit Sandpaper, 400 Grit Sandpaper, Rust-Oleum Self Etching Primer, Rust-Oleum Paint + Primer, Punch Kit, Hammer, Masking Tape, Shop Towels, White Vinegar, Scouring Pad